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About EAM
The Elevator Association of Minnesota (EAM) was founded in 1981 by Lee Arnold, R & O Elevator Co. Inc., Steven Marstead, S & N Elevator Co., Dean Scheid, Gust Lagerquist & Sons, Marvin Schumacher, Schumacher Elevator Co., and Ted Smith, Westinghouse Elevator Co.

The purpose shall promote the common interest and goals of all those engaged in the vertical transportation industry;

  1. to encourage, increase and advance cooperation and mutual interest among manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, inspectors, public employees, and field personnel engaged in the industry;
  2. to inform those in the vertical transportation industry and the general public on the safety and operation of all vertical transportation equipment; and,
  3. to organize, hold and conduct meetings, discussions and seminars on issues affecting the vertical transportation industry.

In 2010, the EAM was restarted and a board elected at the September 2010 annual meeting to continue the work of the original founders. 

Please contact Nikki Smith at Nikki.Smith@meiusa.com for more information.

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